Lab Installations for Cell Culture

Cell Culture
Biosafety Cabinets
Class I Biosafety Cabinet
Class II Biosafety Cabinet
Class III Biosafety Cabinet
Fume Hoods
Ducted Fume Hood
Ductless Fume Hood
Vented Storage Cabinets
Double Filter Vented Storage Cabinet
LCD Screen Vented Storage Cabinet
Mini Vented Storage Cabinet
Portable Vented Storage Cabinet
Standard Vented Storage Cabinet
Temporary Vented Storage Cabinet
Clean Room Equipment and Supplies
Clean Benches
Air Shower
Clean Booth
Laboratory Worktop
Work Benches
Epoxy Worktop
Phenolic Worktop
Stainless Steel Worktop
Balance Table
Air Purification Equipment
Pass Box
Cargo Air Shower
Fan Filter Unit
Pathology Workstation
Reagent Rack
Storage Cabinet
File Cabinet
Tool Cabinet
Vessel Cabinet
Fume Extraction Arm
Gas Cock
Laboratory Sink
Water Faucet
Safety Containment Cabinets
Drum Storage Cabinet
Industrial Safety Cabinet
Intelligent Safety Cabinet
Narcotic Chemical Storage Cabinet
Small Safety Cabinet
Laminar Flow Cabinets
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
General Laminar Flow Cabinet
Thermal Cycler
General Thermal Cycler
Gradient Thermal Cycler
Advanced Thermal Cycler
Triple Block Thermal Cycler
96-PLUS Thermal Cycler
Touch Screen General Thermal Cyclers
Touch Screen Gradient Thermal Cycler
6 Peltier Thermal Cycler
Test Chambers
Ozone Test Chambers
Rain Test Chambers
Salt Spray Test Chambers
Sand And Dust Test Chambers
Temperature And Humidity Test Chambers
Thermal Shock Test Chambers
Plant Growth Test Chambers
Kjeldahl Distillation Unit
Kjeldahl Analyzer
Graphite Digester